Weights and Schedule

Weights: The work-out videos are designed to work every muscle group in the body with emphasis on exhausting the muscles to burn away fat tissue and build lean muscle mass. All the work-outs can be completed with or without weights and can still be effective in producing lean muscle mass. When adding weights to the work-out, start with a low amount such as 2-3lbs and slowing build-up to 5lbs weights. Using too heavy a weight may inhibit your ability to complete the entire duration of the exercise and/or lead to injury.

Work-out Schedule: Many members need a work-out schedule to stay focused in exercising every day and not using the same videos over and over. Members have the option of exercising every day because the design of the videos is to work the entire body, not just isolated muscle groups which can lead to injury if over-worked. The variety of videos is designed to challenge every muscle group and produce lean muscle mass over time. My suggestion is to always start/finish with the Warm-up/Cooldown Video and add one or two cardio videos (Aerobic Dance/Kick-boxing/Cardio Drills/Muscle Conditioning) and one Pilates or Abs and Legs video. Your time-frame regarding how long you have to workout and your personal fitness goals will influence how many videos you can incorporate into each workout. The key to any successful fitness goal is variation and commitment..the more you challenge your body with a variety of videos consistently and regularly, the sooner you will see the results of your hard work!

Aerobic Dance Video 3
Legs and Abs Video #1
Muscle Conditioning Video #1
Warmup / Cool Down
Aerobic Dance Video 4
Aerobic Dance Video 5
Aerobic Dance Video 6
Cardio Drills