"To all those interested in becoming one of Sarah's Fit for Lifers I am going to highly recommend you do. My resolution for 2015 was to focus on me and regain my health...FAB by 40 which I turned in December. At my heaviest 'known' weight I was 268Lbs(mortified) that I let myself get to this point I knew I needed to make some serious changes in my life. At the turn of the New Year I started by changing my diet and started with making healthier choices. This is how I started my journey. In March a good friend won a 'Feel Good Friday' contest...which turned out to be a free week of classes at Sarah's Fit for Life. Much to my resistance, and trying to think of every reason I shouldn't go I went. I can tell you that this was the BEST decision I made for myself. From the moment I walked into the studio I was greeted with a bright smile and welcoming arms. At the end of class Sarah invited me to join my friend for the week to continue to see if this was indeed the right exercise program for me. Let me first begin by saying I along with many of you was very out of shape, uncoordinated and overwhelmed with the thought of putting my body thru this. I was encouraged by Sarah from the time the music started until the time it turned off. As a beginner she helped me with technique to ensure I wouldn't hurt myself as well as push her long time members of whom there are many to work to their maximum potential. To date I can proudly say I am 98Lbs lighter, 5 top sizes smaller and 6 pant sizes smaller. Since first being measured I have lost a total 24.5" on my torso. I to this day love the challenge and constant variety offered by Sarah's ever changing classes. My muscles still scream after class even after all these months, but it has been soooo worth every minute of it on this journey to HEALTH. I am thankful to Sarah every day for all her help along the way. Take the plunge, you owe it to yourself."
Nadia R

"In winter (February 2015) I was sooo lazy. I let myself go and as a on & (currently off) runner I was so disappointed in myself. As you can see from my before photo (Jan 2015). Finally, I got a Fitbit and started walking on my treadmill, 45mins a day. I had a race in April coming up. This was great for my cardio but soon got frustrated as the weight wasn't coming off fast enough. I had a goal, to fit into this red dress for my daughter’s wedding in July. So my friend dragged me to this Bootcamp that offered first class for free over the March Break. I thought what the hell? Maybe that's what I needed to help my current plateau and reach my goal. So I was introduced to Sarah the owner and instructor at "Sarah's Fit for Life". Sarah is so friendly, kind and very encouraging. Her motivational skills are amazing. I felt awkward at first, kind of stupid as so many other members seem to go through the routines with breeze. I had a neck injury at the time so Sarah skillfully modified some of the exercises so I wouldn't hurt myself yet still got all the benefits of them. Each week focuses on something different so you never get bored.. Made me want to keep going back, so I did!!!I must mention how I really love how friendly and supportive all the other members in Sarah's classes were. (I'm person who needs a group to work out with because I very easily make excuses for myself) These people are great.. So I started with 2- 3 days a week. Soon I notice a difference in my strength, my cardio and my confidence. Attending her class quickly help me to increase my treadmill walks to 90 mins a day. By May I decided to try a double evening class. Holy Crow!! I certainly felt that. My muscles were getting worked out hard and getting stronger. By June I was doing double evening classes 3 days a week, Sometimes the weekends too. I lost weight, inches, and my low self- esteem. Most importantly I was making myself HEALTHIER. I was so happy by July I had reached my goal (lost close to 30 lbs) and fit into that Little Red Dress.I continue to attend Sarah's classes twice a day 4 days a week. I really love going, and I plan on going back as long as I can. I am 18lbs away from goal weight. Sarah is amazing and her classes are so worth it. I promise you will not regret joining her classes at all."
Kari-Lynne H.

"I have been coming to Sarah's Bootcamp for a year now and loving every minute of it. I guess you can say I'm addicted. Sarah has tracked my measurements and i have dropped 27 inches in the chest, waist and hips in a year.The membership is supportive and makes every day a great experience. If you are thinking of trying something new, I definitely recommend Sarah's Fit for Life Inc. classes."
Christine C.

"I've been attending Sarah's boot classes for 4 plus years. To me they are equivalent to taking a daily multivitamin....they give me loads of energy and stamina. Sarah is 100% committed to her clients and is always inspiring you to push beyond your limits. I see it as "an investment into my future, my health."
Pat K.

"Sarah is my "push" that motivates me to always keep moving!!! She personalizes each exercise to fit any and all fitness levels and always encourages me to move to a higher level. She is genuinely dedicated to helping me achieve my personal best!!"
Leslie L.

"I have been attending Sarah's Fit For Life for 18 months and it has completely transformed my body and opened my mind to what it is physically capable of. Sarah's ability to keep her members motivated with encouragement and ever changing workout routines, maintains a strong following and produces some amazing personal results. I will forever be grateful to Sarah and what her classes have done for me, they've got me Fit For Life."
Shannon N.

"It’s now been 4 years since I met you and let me say it’s been the best 4 years of my life. Not sure if you can remember, but when I started squats, sit-ups, anything to do with weights was a challenge. Today I can confidently say that I can do all of them no problem and it feels so good. I don’t weigh myself, but since joining your class I have dropped a size and half. My body has changed drastically and I have so much energy all the time. The classes have become such an important part of my life. I love coming on a regular basis. Walking in and seeing your smile, positive attitude, and energy makes it all worth-while. look forward to your encouraging messages every day. All I can say Sarah is that this is the best thing that could have happened to me. I went from no exercise to exercising 2-3 times and week and I have you to thank for that. Thank-You for the amazing workouts, kind words, positive attitude/energy, it all means so much. You truly are an amazing person and I feel very lucky to have met you. I look forward to many years of working out with you."
Rhonda M.
"Sarah's Fit for Life has changed me for life. I decided to improve my lifestyle and joined a gym I went faithfully without seeing much improvement I went to an intro class of bootcamp with Sarah and have never left. 1 class in I knew that this is what needed to get me to my health goals. Sarah makes an investment in each of her participants pushing and encouraging you to be the best you can be."
Kym P.

"Sarah is like the energizer bunny. If you want a motivator she’s ya gal!! Every week the classes change and her membership is like family, everyone is really nice and makes you feel welcome. Get healthy and join and you won’t be disappointed."
Kelly C.

"Sarah's fit for life goes beyond words. She truly takes an interest in you, no matter your level of fitness. Sarah workouts are fun and challenging and you see amazing results. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who is serious about getting fit!"
Luvdeep S.
"Not only is Sarah a great instructor that motivates you and challenges you at your individual fitness level, but she's a friend too. If you haven't been to class for a few days Sarah is sure to check-in with you to see what's going on and lets you know you are missed."
Joanna L.
"Sarah's Fit For Life is a fun way to burn off those unwanted calories. I feel my core worked out to its maximum and my muscles sore all while rocking out to fun and up to date music! It's a great environment to stay healthy with other women and being able to comfortably bring my 9 month old to class is an added bonus!"
Jackie M.
"I found that as you grow older you start to lose flexibility, then, when you do a home project or yard work your muscles are so sore you can’t move for days. I joined this class to gain back that flexibility and muscle stamina. Now I can do household projects with ease and hours working outside on warm days doing gardening. I now also have more energy throughout the day and find myself doing more things that I enjoy. The classes are always changing to give you a challenge and kept on your toes between the boot camp and the aerobic dance. Sarah has a very bubbly personality and always keeps your interest peaked as to what to expect next."
Yvonne C.

"I have been attending Sarah’s fitness classes for several years. This is the first time that I have maintained a fitness program for longer than a few weeks. Sarah offers encouragement during class and she notices when I miss a class! I can expect an e-mail reminder the next day! The classes support a variety of fitness levels. I feel challenged to do better and I usually have fun. Only occasionally do I wish that I stayed home; usually when Sarah does interval training! It is also fun to meet new people at class; everyone is very friendly and supportive."
Evelyn L.
"I have been coming to Sarah's Fit For Life classes for over 6 years. Since attending her classes I have increased my endurance, my muscle strength and overall fitness level. Every class is different. Each class offers a variety of workout exercises. Sarah provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Always fun and always with a smile! Sarah you are the best!"
Betty G.
"Sarah provides of fun judge mental free environment with a ton of great workout routines you always feel the next day. All the gyms and personal training programs I have done in the past this one is by far the best one!! She keeps you motivated by sending friendly reminders each day to help you stay on track I have lost a total 26 pounds and counting I feel more committed to my goal towards a healthier me than ever! Thanks to Sarah's gentle push exercise is now a huge part of my regular routine thank you Sarah for not letting me give up on myself!"
Tabitha H.
"I started going to Sarah’s class by invitation from a great friend and have been going since, during that year I have gone through some turmoil in my life and find that Sarah and the amazing ladies that are part of this group were a great support. It’s not just an exercise class, it’s a group of people who look out for each other and support each other both mentally and physically!"
Wendy S.
"I started with Sarah's Bootcamps a little over a year ago. The beginning was a struggle for me. I don't want to give excuses but I'm nearing retirement age and HATED exercise so as a result had done nothing in the field of fitness for YEARS! I stuck with it and very soon the workouts began to pay off. I had more energy during my work day, dropped inches, my clothes fit better, slept soundly at night, managed stress better but best of all... I LOVE to exercise now. I feel it when I miss a few classes and can't wait to get back. Sarah is fun, encourages us to work to our ability and will always modify the workouts if you have issues as I do with bad knees. I love the relationships I have made there and look forward to every class. Go, it's never too late to start and you will not find a better, hands on coach and friend in Sarah."
Judy T.