Tips on Choosing The Right Fitness Plan to Reach Your Goals

Achieving your Fitness goals is a 2 part process. First you have to have take the time and have the commitment to make your goal achievable. Secondly you need to pick the right workout regime that is right for you to achieve your desired fitness goal.

Consistency is the key to any successful fitness plan. Working out with your heart rate elevated to over 120 beats per minute for twenty five to forty minutes three to five times a week will increase your cardio endurance, increase your metabolism and improve your overall fitness level when done on a consistent basis. Doing something that keeps you engaged, motivated and wanting to come back are the key elements in maintaining this consistency. The right workout regime should reflect your overall goals. Loosing inches, tightening muscles and building lean muscle mass can all be achieved by engaging in exercise programs that utilize high repetition with low weights for a sustained period of time such as Boot Camp, Kick-boxing and cardio drills.

Sarah's Fit for Life Inc offers unlimited access to classes 7 days a week. My classes include a variety of exercises including boot camp, aerobic dance and body weight and core toning routines. I make a point of ensuring I provide personal attention to everyone in my classes and
ensure that you are working to your optimal level to help to achieve your goals. Additionally daily emails and texts are provided to members providing nutritional tips and support.

In Addition, we also offer online memberships to help you stay on track with a good selection of unique video workouts featuring Sarah as host and instructor, for those time you can not make it to a scheduled class. It will help ensure you retain that ever important level of consistency, which over time will get you to where you want to be in terms of your overall fitness goals!

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