Foods that Boost Your Energy in the Afternoon

Every Sunday, I like to provide my members with nutritional and lifestyle info!! In the winter months...lot's of people find they have a lack of energy especially in the afternoon!

Diet and Exercise can greatly affect your energy level..staying active and eating the right kinds of foods are key factors in having energy ALL day!! Here are some suggestions on snacks that can help boost your energy level in the afternoon.

1) A Fresh Piece of Fruit and Almonds: Choose fruits like apples, bananas, and grapes that have natural sugars and carbs as well as the nuts that are a great source of protein!

2) Roasted Edamame: High in fiber and proteins..this is a very portable snack...the night before..toss the edamame with olive oil, salt and black pepper and roast in the oven for 30-40mins! Pack in a container for the 3pm dip in energy!

3) Baked Black Bean or Lentil Chips and Laughing Cow spreadable cheese. The baked chips are packed full of fiber and protein, and the spreadable cheese is lower in calories!

4) Low-Fat Chocolate Milk. Sometimes your body is sluggish because it is dehydrated..especially going into the later afternoon hours...try drinking a glass of chocolate milk..not only refreshing, but also gives you the fluids, calcium and milk proteins your body can use!

5) Greek Yogurt and fresh berries: Great carbs/proteins/ and vitamins from the berries!

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