Corporate/School Media Kit

Sarah’s Fit for Life Inc. offers a variety of classes such as Kick-Boxing, Interval Training, Muscle Conditioning, and Aerobic Dance to workplaces during the lunchtime hours or after work in the early evening period. Classes vary in duration from 45 mins to 1 hour, and all music/stereo equipment is provided by the Instructor. Classes can be run indoors or outside and many styles of classes require no equipment.

There are many benefits linked to offering fitness classes in the workplace. Research has shown that workplaces that incorporated 2.5 hours of exercise per week into the workday had a noticeable reduction in absences. Additionally, employees who spent 30-60 minutes at lunch exercising reported an average performance boost of 15 percent. Fitness classes are a great team-building opportunity for staff to come together in a positive and supportive environment. Studies have shown that most people acknowledge the benefits of exercise on their mental and physical health but find the time to do so difficult with managing work/life responsibilities. Fitness classes in the workplace provide staff the opportunity to work together and promote a healthy workplace environment.

Sarah’s Fit for Life Inc. will provide classes 2-4 times a week with ongoing fitness/nutritional support to employees via daily emails and texts to encourage ongoing commitment to the classes. Emphasis is placed on maintaining an ongoing relationship and providing encouragement to participants in order to help them achieve their fitness goals.


Sarah's Fit For Life Inc. classes are never the same format from class to class which results in members being continuously challenged and prevention of plateauing of fitness goals.

Kick-Boxing Classes: A series of energy-paced kicks and punches along with a focus on developing core muscles and balance that will keep members moving the entire class. Weights are optional but not necessary to complete an effective work-out.

Interval Training: High and Low intensity exercises that work every muscle group. Options will be provided for all the exercises to address any physical limitations to ensure optimal results.

Muscle Conditioning: Intensive focus on single and multiple muscle group development through a series of exercises. Exercises may be performed with weights to increase the intensity of the exercises. A high level of detail and instruction is provided to the class on proper technique and form to maximize results.

Aerobic Dance: Easy to follow cardio-based routines to current music and golden oldies. The class is moving the entire hour with a series of movements that work every muscle group in the body. No equipment is required for this class.

Sarah Alarie is a Certified Fitness Instructor (CanFitPro) with certifications in Kick-Boxing and Muscle Conditioning. Additionally Sarah is a Registered Nurse with an extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology and nutrition that is vital in addressing restrictions or limitations her clients may have in order to succeed in achieving their fitness goals.

Building rapport quickly, never doing the same class twice and providing consistent support via email/texts are the keys to success in encouraging clients to continue with the classes.

For additional information, please contact Sarah’s Fit for Life Inc. at 416-606-7373, via email : , or visit the website at

What Clients Have to Say...

The school environment often becomes very stressful. When we most need to relieve stress (i.e. September, report writing time, etc.) we find it challenging to get to the gym or to our exercise routine. That's why we brought Sarah's Bootcamp into Westmount Junior School. No more excuses, fitness is in the building!

The staff classes that Sarah does right after school build collegiality. I overhear staff talking about how great the ache is in their muscles and recipes they've tried based on nutrition information that Sarah shares. They call Sarah "high energy" and "motivating". They love the personal attention they receive from her.

Sarah does classes for our parents. The students are so excited and have a great sense of pride to see their moms in the school, working out! The moms love being active, meeting others and positively engaging in the school environment. Sarah helps them to make a connection between education and well-being.

As a fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes, Sarah led fun-filled hour long sessions with students. I particularly enjoyed students picking up the mic and singing along. A few students who don't usually participate in physical fitness surprised me and their teachers and danced alongside Sarah.

Michelle Lawrence

"I have been coming to Sarah's Bootcamp for a year now and loving every minute of it. I guess you can say I'm addicted. Sarah has tracked my measurements and I have dropped 27 inches in the chest, waist and hips in a year. The membership is supportive and makes every day a great experience. If you are thinking of trying something new, I definitely recommend Sarah's Fit for Life Inc. classes."
Christine C.

"Sarah is my "push" that motivates me to always keep moving!!! She personalizes each exercise to fit any and all fitness levels and always encourages me to move to a higher level. She is genuinely dedicated to helping me achieve my personal best!!"
Leslie L.

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